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Life in the Spirit 2019

Life in the Spirit seminars begin on 25 September from 7:30pm – 9:30pm in St Oliver’s Church, and will continue until 13 November 2019.

This year’s there is “Seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” (Luke 11:9).

25 Sept “God’s Love” – Fr Joe Campbell
2 October “Salvation” – Eddie Stones
9 October “New Life” – David (Packie) Hamilton
16 October “Receiving God’s Gifts” – Fr Luke Ohiemi
23 October “Baptism in the Holy Spirit” – Fr Brendan Walsh
30 October “Growth” – Patricia Mitchell
6 November “Transformation” – Patrick McCrystal
13 November “Our Lady & the Mass” – Fr Declan Hurley

Contact details: Joe 087-9350662; Nickie 086-2338971
email: Carmel (carmelfagan52@gmail.com)



The preachers of the 2019 Triduum were Fr Paul Crosbie (PP Trim), Archbishop Michael Neary (Cathedral of the Assumption, Tuam) and Fr Shane Crombie (CC Navan formerly CC Church of the Assumption, Tullamore).

Happy Feast of the Assumption of Our Lady to all our parishioners! “Who had realized that until her arrivalthe crowded heavens had been incomplete?”We include a mention to all who join us via www.navanparish.ie/webcam

Posted by Navan Parish on Thursday, August 15, 2019

Sincere thanks to all who took part in our prayerful Triduum. We are particularly grateful to Davey Lynch for his work at Our Lady’s altar, to Anne & John O’Hare for their decoration and to Frances for her flowers.

We are grateful to musicians and cantors who led the congregations in prayerful music: Michael, Tom, Gemma & David.

Some parishioners will also have noticed the great work done by Declan in the Rosary Garden. Maith sibh go léir!


Holy Week & Easter 2019

Palm Sunday Procession to St Mary’s

Good Friday Way of the Cross

The prayer above has become more relevant since the Easter Sunday attacks on Catholic parishioners in Sri Lanka. We reproduce the text below:

“As brothers and sisters in your family we are called to care for one another and to carry each others burdens. Open our hearts to our brothers and sisters who suffer because they voiced their faith in you, because they bear the name of Christian, because they dare to proclaim your name. May they know that across the miles, beyond the silence, we add our prayers to yours for them. Teach us how we can make a difference to their lives. Turn our hearts to the members of your family who cry to you for help.”

Easter Vigil

More photos available on our parish Facebook Page.

Masses for the Easter Octave:
Monday – Saturday – St Mary’s Church at 10:00am
Tuesday – Friday – St Oliver’s Church at 9:15am

Weekend Masses:
6:00pm Saturday Vigil in St Mary’s
7:00pm Saturday Vigil in St Oliver’s
8:00am Mass in St Mary’s
9:00am Mass in Our Lady’s Hospital
10:00am Mass in St Oliver’s
11:00am Mass in St Mary’s
12:00noon Mass in St Oliver’s
1:00pm Mass in St Mary’s

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The Baptism of the Lord

The stained-glass window in St Oliver’s Church illustrates the Baptism of the Lord and Pentecost Sunday. At the centre of the window, we can see the priest pouring Holy Water and baptising the child in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

This window could summarise the journey for many families around our parish. Several hundred families will set out on a journey this year towards First Confession, Confirmation and First Communion.

Working from the ground up in the window, we see the Baptism of Our Lord by John the Baptist at the Jordan river.

Baptism window in St Oliver’s Church

In the upper part of the window, the apostles are gathered with Our Lady on the day of Pentecost – a reminder that God’s Holy Spirit is poured fully into the hearts of parishioners on their Confirmation Day.

The light of Christ from which the infant’s baptismal candle is lit is shining brightly in welcome for them beside the baptismal font.

Dear Parents, you have come here to present these children for baptism. By water and the Holy Spirit they are to receive the gift of new life from God who is love.

On your part, you must make it your constant are to bring them up in the practice of the faith. See that the divine life which God gives them is kept safe from the poison of sin, to grow always stronger in their hearts.”

Rite of Baptism for Children

Pope Francis reminded parents that one of the simplest ways of handing on the faith to their children is by teaching them so make the Sign of the Cross – and to make it well. During his address in Croke Park in August 2018, he said:

“It is very important that children learn as early as possible to make the sign of the cross well. It is the first “creed” that they learn, a way of saying “I believe” in the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. This evening, before going to bed, ask yourselves, as parents: do I teach my children to make a good sign of the cross? Think about it, it is up to you!”

Pope Francis – WMOF 2018

As a parish community we have moved from the joy of Christmas to the life-giving events of Christ’s public ministry. This begins at his Baptism in the river Jordan.

Parishioners are invited to include a New Year’s resolution for prayer at home, at work, in school so that they can nurture our young parishioners in the ways of faith. This is particularly true for those who are on the journey towards their First Confession, Confirmation and First Holy Communion.

Three Suggestions for parishioners this weekend

• We all know and celebrate our Date of Birth.
Can you discover your date of baptism and some photos from the day?
Make a note in your diary to celebrate your baptismal birthday day as well as your physical birthday!

• Make a generous sign of the cross with Holy Water before and after Mass this weekend. Our parish Sunday Mass times are available here.

• Central heating can cause the Holy Water to evaporate in the font at home! 😉 Might you encourage a young member of your family on the way to First Confession or Confirmation to keep your font “topped up”?
(Fonts and Holy Water bottles are available in the parish shop – link here)

An online Signup form is available at this link
for parents or guardians who might not yet have provided an email for updates.

Link for Signup Form available here: http://eepurl.com/gdU2AP
(for parents/guardians who might have not yet provided an email address)

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15 August 2018

We welcome Fr Michael Ruddy from the Community of the Sacred Hearts in Dublin who will be preaching our Parish Triduum this year.

Details on parish bulletin.


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WMOF updates

Most of the sheet music for WMOF liturgies  is available on the [click here] WMOF music page.

Additional music has become available this (Wednesday 1 August) afternoon.

As following pieces are not yet live on the WMOF website, I am sharing them below.

I hope they will be of help for small group rehearsals around the diocese in the coming days.

The next full rehearsal for the Wednesday RDS Mass will be held in Donnybrook Church on Wednesday 22 August. [Location details for your coach driver are provided here]

The following times have been provided by the Liturgical Music coordinators:

10:15 – 10:30 Sign-In at Donnybrook Church.
10:30 – 12:00 Music Rehearsal followed by walk to RDS.
12:30 – 13:30 Technical Rehearsal in RDS arena.
13:30 Lunchbreak.
TBC Take up places for Closing Mass.
16:30 Eucharistic Celebration in RDS arena.

Resourcing Individuals and Small choirs

I’ve been preparing some video clips to help with the compositions of Ronan McDonagh & of Peadar Ó Riada which are being used in the Phoenix Park. The first video “Fáilte roimh theachtaire Chríost” is now available here:



Meath Daily TV feature on Navan rehearsal

Some of you will have noticed a camera crew in St Mary’s during the large rehearsal on Monday 23 June. The good people at Meath Daily TV have published a video which can be viewed below:


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Fr Robert


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Cemetery Devotions 2018


Cemetery Devotions 2018
– please share with family, friends and neighbours.

St Finian’s Cemetery – Wednesday 27 June – 7:30pm
Cannistown Cannistown – Friday 29 June – 7:30pm
St Mary’s Church – Saturday 30 June – 6:00pm
St Mary’s Cemetery – Sunday 1 July – 3:00pm
Donaghmore Cemetery – Tuesday 3 July – 7:30pm
Old Athlumney Cemetery – Wednesday 4 July – 7:30pm
Dunmoe Cemetery – Thursday 5 July – 7:30pm
Our Lady’s Hospital Burial – Sunday 8 July after 9:00am Mass