Cemetery Prayer Card

The provision of a prayer-card for use in our cemeteries was suggested at a recent meeting of our Parish Pastoral Council.

The intention was to offer a resource to parishioners for prayers at their family grave during the month of the Holy Souls.

Psalm 129 and a prayer for the dead have been offered to focus our attention on prayer for deceased parents, relatives and neighbours.


The card features a Pietà by Fra Bartolomeo, a Dominican friar from Florence. Painted in 1516, St John is holding Our Lord while Our Lady is tenderly kissing the forehead of her Son.

We read in the Gospels that John leaned close to Jesus during the Last Supper. Now the roles are reversed. The lifeless figure of Christ is supported by the Beloved disciple. Mary Magdalene who washed the feet of Jesus and anointed them in the house of the Pharisee is now straightening the feet of Jesus after he has been taken down from the Cross.

The prayercard is now available [here] for download.