Spiritual Communion

I wish, my Lord, to receive You
with the purity, humility and devotion
with which your Most Holy Mother received You, 
with the spirit and fervour of the saints.
Come, Lord Jesus.
Give me, good Lord,
a longing to be with You …
give me warmth, delight and
quickness in thinking upon You.
And give me Your grace
to long for Your holy sacraments,
and specially to rejoice
 in the presence of Your very blessed Body,
Sweet Saviour Christ,
in the Holy Sacrament of the altar.

(St Thomas More)

Scripture readings for this weekend available here

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Two texts by St John Henry Newman set to music
in honour of his feast day (9 October 2020)

Praise to the Holiest in the Height – words by St John Henry Newman
Lead Kindly Light – words by St John Henry Newman

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