Parish Pastoral Councils are leadership structures which enable priests and people to work together to build up dynamic Christian communities that are characterised by faith, evangelisation, worship and service.

The “Decree on the Apostolate of the Laity – Apostolicam Actuositatem”  published after Vatican II (1965) and the Code of Canon Law – Codex Iuris Canonic (1983) describe how Parish Pastoral Councils discern what is best for the parish in the light of the Gospel, the church’s teaching and what the Holy Spirit is saying through the People of God.

In every parish in the diocese, a Pastoral Council shall be established, if the diocesan Bishop, after consulting with the Council of Presbyters, so decides.” –  CIC Canon 536, §1.

“All the baptised share in the role of Christ the Priest, the Prophet and the King and all the baptised have an equal and active part to play in the life and mission of the church.” – Apostolicam Actuositatem, §10.

The major tasks suggested for Parish Pastoral Councils include:

• Reflection & Planning
Discerning the needs of the parish community and involving the whole parish in response to the needs.

• Animation
Enabling the baptised to discover their call as disciples of Christ by discerning the gifts of the parishioners and developing them through the provision of training and on-going formation.

• Action
Providing structures that will marry the needs of the parish with the gifts and resources in the parish.

• Communication
Ensuring that effective dialogue** takes place within the parish, the diocese and the wider community.

• Evaluation
Reviewing the life and activities of the parish so that parishioners might have a sense of proceeding towards bringing about the reign of God.

** Many parish activities feature on the weekly parish bulletin [click here for link] and on the parish [Facebook page] and through the parish [Twitter account].

Correspondence to the PPC is always welcome through these channels or by writing to

The Secretary
Parish Pastoral Council
St Mary’s Parish
Fairgreen, Navan.