The Ascension of the Lord

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This week’s parish bulletin in summary:

  • Schedule of live-streamed Masses & devotions:
    7:30am (Mon-Fri) early morning Mass
    9:30am (Mon-Sat) Daily Mass & Rosary**
    10:30am Mass will be broadcast only in case of a Funeral
  • We invite parishioners to join us for the Sacred Heart Novena (for Mass and Devotions at 7:30pm) until 19 June (Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus). 
    More details at

We are grateful to all parishioners who joined us on retreat over the course of the week and to many others who joined us from Westmeath, Galway, Fermanagh, Cork, Donegal, Cyprus, USA & Spain!!

Your prayerful support certainly had an impact on our time of reflection and study of God’s word. Maith sibh uile! 

The scripture texts which we explored at Mass, Lectio Divina & Evening Devotions are as follows: 
Fr Shane: Hosea 14:2-10
Fr Louis: Mark 4:35-41 
Fr Robert: Luke 18:35-43
Fr Declan: 1 Kings 19:1-15